The demonic hound stood over her. Its ruby red eyes, gazing into her soul. It saw her innermost thoughts, desires, and memories. Lucy grinned as the dog tucked its tail between its legs, squeaked, and ran away.

(#VSS365, Prompt: Ruby, 211 characters)

Arrested Grout

Ben murmured something incomprehensible as his blood mixed with dried grout. Amy knelt beside the bath, cleaning vaseline off the floor. He knew even if he was found and arrested, he’d be unable to tell them she had the owl.

(#VSS365 & #MicroPrompt, Prompts: Arrested & Grout, 224 characters)



“Well look at that,” remarked Crow. “The human’s home early.”

“Impressive,” replied Lucy. “I thought it’d take him longer to dig his way out of his grave.”

(#BraveWrite, Prompt: Home, 154 characters)


She shifted the motorbike onto its centre-stand and carried on polishing the chrome exhaust. “I just wanted more time alone,” she sighed. Her reflection gave her a knowing nod.

(VSS365, Prompt: #Chrome, 177 characters)


“The woes of classic cars and their biscuit-tin brakes,” she sighed.

“What now?” he asked.

“Depends on your faith,” she replied.

“I’m an atheist,” he replied.

“Oh, dear,” she sighed, lifting her scythe.

(#VSS365, Prompt: Classic, 199 characters)


“You’re not angry with me because I stole your Gary Barlow CD?” sighed Sparra.

“That’s not it,” growled Crow. “An echt apology wouldn’t hurt though.”

“Whatever I said, whatever I did, I didn’t mean it,” cried Sparra.

(#BraveWrite, Prompt: Echt, 214 characters)

Reality Kicking

As the needle pierced her skin for the twenty-third time, reality began kicking in. A tug on the thread pulled them closer together, and Amy regretted telling Lucy she’d never leave her side.

(#BraveWrite & #VSS365, Prompts: Reality & Kicking, 192 characters)


They peered out of the International Space Stations windows, looking for changes below. The last human-made light they could see, near Cape Finisterre, blinked out. It was not the change they were looking for.

(#VSS365, #MicroPrompt, #BraveWrite, Prompts: Finisterre, Change, Was, 206 characters)