“Your education didn’t literally cost you an arm and a leg,” laughed Jane. “There’s barely a scratch on your body.”

“I didn’t say it was my arm or leg,” sighed Becky.

VSS365 prompt: scratch


All he’d wanted was for her to curtail her whining about his shoddy work-ethic. She stood before him, shaking off the soil, and he knew burying her alive was a bit too mean of a reaction.

VSS365 prompts: curtail, shoddy, mean


Sat at the corner of the river, watching a random assortment of whales, dolphins, and squid heading upstream. They pondered if this had something to do with the residents of Innsmouth vanishing last week.

VSS365 prompts: corner, river, random


Crow, hunkered down into her carrel. Pecking at a piece of paper she wrote her apology letter in a series of dots and dashes.

It was her re-morse code.

(#VSS365, Prompt: Carrel, 151 characters)

Clowns Languor

Already filled with seafood, Puffin sat atop the rock.

A party of tuxedo-wearing birds, with clowns noses, polished off the silver-fish below.

A moment of languor, broken by a distant cry of “seal!”

(#VSS365 & #MicroPrompt, Prompts: Languor & Clown, 198 characters)



“A few drinks to muster the pot-valor,” said Crow, “and Celcius quit her job, mounted the camel, and rode into the sunset.”

“I hear Kelvin’s replaced her,” sighed Sparra. “He’s the new temp.”

(#VSS365 & #MicroPrompt, Prompts: Potvalor & Mount, 191 characters)


“Just then, six dwarves barged in,” grumbled Magpie. “They stole all my silver!”

“Oh, dear,” said Crow.

“Not happy,” murmured Magpie.

(#VSS365, Prompt: Silver, 131 characters)


“I’ve taken a job re-attaching lizards tails,” sighed Sparra.

“you must be pretty skint,” replied Crow, “to take a job in retail.”

(#VSS365, Prompt: Skint, 128 characters)

Drowning Ubuntu

“You could have shown a little ubuntu towards him,” remarked Crow.

“Nah, he’s a flat-earther,” sighed Sparra. “He’d walk to the edge of the earth to prove me wrong.”

“Well, if he doesn’t drown,” remarked Crow, “he’ll come around.”

(#VSS365 & #MicroPrompt, Prompts: Ubuntu & Drown, 228 characters)