“She blurted out that I was crap in bed,” sighed Crane.

“Oh, that’s terrible,” replied Crow.

“I know,” sighed Crane. “How can she make that assessment in less than a minute?”

(#MicroPrompt, Prompt: Blurt, 172 characters)


Clowns Languor

Already filled with seafood, Puffin sat atop the rock.

A party of tuxedo-wearing birds, with clowns noses, polished off the silver-fish below.

A moment of languor, broken by a distant cry of “seal!”

(#VSS365 & #MicroPrompt, Prompts: Languor & Clown, 198 characters)


“A few drinks to muster the pot-valor,” said Crow, “and Celcius quit her job, mounted the camel, and rode into the sunset.”

“I hear Kelvin’s replaced her,” sighed Sparra. “He’s the new temp.”

(#VSS365 & #MicroPrompt, Prompts: Potvalor & Mount, 191 characters)


“She took me to task,” sighed Crane. “Scolded me for my two biggest faults.”

“Oh, aye?” pressed Crow. “What are they?”

“I don’t listen,” replied Crane, “and… Something else…”

(#MicroPrompt, Prompt: Task, 176 characters)


“I went for a swim the other day,” remarked Gull, “and saw a grumpy looking fish.”

“I know the guy,” replied Crow. “He’s a Frownder.”

(#MicroPrompt, Prompt: Swim, 132 characters)

Drowning Ubuntu

“You could have shown a little ubuntu towards him,” remarked Crow.

“Nah, he’s a flat-earther,” sighed Sparra. “He’d walk to the edge of the earth to prove me wrong.”

“Well, if he doesn’t drown,” remarked Crow, “he’ll come around.”

(#VSS365 & #MicroPrompt, Prompts: Ubuntu & Drown, 228 characters)


“It takes a lot of skill to stand on one foot for six-days,” said Sparra.

“It does,” replied Crow. “What did you do when Swallow asked you to stop acting like a flamingo?”

“I put my foot down,” grumbled Sparra.

(#MicroPrompt, Prompt: Skill, 208 characters)

Crude Argle-Barlge

“She posted the most pointless video on Facebook,” grumbled Sparra. “Ninety minutes of her waffling crude argle-bargle.”

“So, you watched it, then?” asked Crow.

“To the end,” sighed Sparra.

(#VSS365 & #MicroPrompt, Prompts: Argle-Bargle & Crude, 187 characters)

Ragpicking Bronze

“Aren’t you meant to steal shiny metals?” asked Crow. “Silver and bronze coins?”

“Being a ragpicker isn’t beneath me,” replied Magpie, “when my neighbours are sequin loving ice-skaters.”

(#VSS365 & #MicroPrompt, Prompts: Ragpicker & Bronze, 185 characters)