Each-uisge for @AnimalAlphabets… 2 weeks ago? Am I nearly caught up? She’s a Scottish waterhorse. You know them mean-arse Kelpie things? Imagine one of those, just more vicious. 😳🌊🐎 #AnimalAlphabets #Art #DigitalArt #PixelArt


“Never mind the chicken,” laughed Sparra, “why’s Adele crossing the road?”

“Obviously,” replied Crow, “to say hello from the other side.”

(#VSS365 & #BraveWrite, Prompts: Chicken & Laughter, 136 characters) #SorryNotSorry


“Misery is hearing your chicklet tooting her whistle, all hours of the day,” grumbled Sparra. “I was patient, but in the end, I gave her one last chance to stop playing with it inside the nest. She blew it.”

(#BraveWrite, Prompt: Misery, 206 characters)


They peered out of the International Space Stations windows, looking for changes below. The last human-made light they could see, near Cape Finisterre, blinked out. It was not the change they were looking for.

(#VSS365, #MicroPrompt, #BraveWrite, Prompts: Finisterre, Change, Was, 206 characters)