All he’d wanted was for her to curtail her whining about his shoddy work-ethic. She stood before him, shaking off the soil, and he knew burying her alive was a bit too mean of a reaction.

VSS365 prompts: curtail, shoddy, mean


Sat at the corner of the river, watching a random assortment of whales, dolphins, and squid heading upstream. They pondered if this had something to do with the residents of Innsmouth vanishing last week.

VSS365 prompts: corner, river, random


“You don’t believe it’s bad luck to open an umbrella indoors, do you?” laughed Graham.

Anna jumped back and watched in terror, as thousands of spiders who’d made the brolly their home, descended upon Graham.

#VSS365 Prompt: Jump


The lizardfolk of London’s sewers are rumoured to experience a moment of euphoria when their regeneration brings them back to life.

That usually turns to horror when they awake surrounded by human organ harvesters.

VSS365 Prompt: Euphoria

Shirt Radio

He looked deep into her eyes, feeling himself getting hard. She tore his shirt off. He dropped the radio, his mates crying through hiss and crackle.

Hunting medusae was tough.

(#MicroPrompt & #VSS365, Prompts: Shirt & Radio, 174 characters)


The demonic hound stood over her. Its ruby red eyes, gazing into her soul. It saw her innermost thoughts, desires, and memories. Lucy grinned as the dog tucked its tail between its legs, squeaked, and ran away.

(#VSS365, Prompt: Ruby, 211 characters)