“So our first songs a remake of Butterly by Crazytown,” said Sparra.

“Lord, that’s a 90’s throwback,” laughed Crow. “What’s your band called?”

“Blanket,” replied Sparra. “We’re a cover band.”

VSS365 Prompt: Butterfly



“I’ve published a cookery book of rice recipes,” said Sparra. “It sold well, but chefs say I plagiarized all my recipes.”

“Well, that’s their words,” said Crow, “not yours.”

(#MicroPrompt, Prompt: Rice, 171 characters)


“Sit,” said Sparra, “stay.”

“Sparra,” sighed Crow, “that dog doesn’t look real.”

“It’s not, it’s baked,” replied Sparra. “Pure bread.”

“Oh, no,” whined Crow.

“She’s called fidough,” gurned Sparra.

(#MicroPrompt, Prompt: Stay, 192 characters)


“I can’t believe she’s left you over your horoscope obsession,” remarked Crow. “Seventeen years together, right?”

“Yeah,” lamented Sparra. “My folly Taurus apart.”

(#VSS365, Prompt: Seventeen, 162 characters)


“Listen,” said Crow, “if you keep replacing my fancy kitchen utensils with cheap imitations, I’m gonna evict you!”

“Well,” replied Sparra, “that’s a whisk I’m willing to take.”

(#BraveWrite, Prompt: Imitation, 175 characters)


“It’s rare to see a 300-year-old spirit exercising so energetically,” remarked Sparra.

“A girl’s gotta start somewhere,” replied Crow. “I’m on lunges next.”

“That’s a big step,” replied Sparra.

(#BraveWrite & #MicroPrompt, Prompts: Rare & Girl, 195 characters)


Sparra always knew the kids on his estate were vermin. They’d just covered him in chocolate and cream, then put a cherry on his head. As he trudged home, it hit him how hard life is in the gateau.

(#VSS365, Prompt: #Vermin, 192 characters)