Clowns Languor

Already filled with seafood, Puffin sat atop the rock.

A party of tuxedo-wearing birds, with clowns noses, polished off the silver-fish below.

A moment of languor, broken by a distant cry of “seal!”

(#VSS365 & #MicroPrompt, Prompts: Languor & Clown, 198 characters)



“Just then, six dwarves barged in,” grumbled Magpie. “They stole all my silver!”

“Oh, dear,” said Crow.

“Not happy,” murmured Magpie.

(#VSS365, Prompt: Silver, 131 characters)


“It takes a lot of skill to stand on one foot for six-days,” said Sparra.

“It does,” replied Crow. “What did you do when Swallow asked you to stop acting like a flamingo?”

“I put my foot down,” grumbled Sparra.

(#MicroPrompt, Prompt: Skill, 208 characters)


“Well, the burglar threw a brick through my window and climbed into my house,” said Sparra. “She was looking for money.”

“What did you do?” gasped Crow.

“Well,” sighed Sparra, “I looked with her…”

(#MicroPrompt, Prompt: Brick, 197 characters)


“An English-bird, Irish-bird and Scottish-bird walked into a bar,” said Sparra.

“Which is an oddity when they’re all closed for social distancing,” sighed Crow.

(#VSS365, Prompt: Oddity, 159 characters)


The demonic hound stood over her. Its ruby red eyes, gazing into her soul. It saw her innermost thoughts, desires, and memories. Lucy grinned as the dog tucked its tail between its legs, squeaked, and ran away.

(#VSS365, Prompt: Ruby, 211 characters)

Arrested Grout

Ben murmured something incomprehensible as his blood mixed with dried grout. Amy knelt beside the bath, cleaning vaseline off the floor. He knew even if he was found and arrested, he’d be unable to tell them she had the owl.

(#VSS365 & #MicroPrompt, Prompts: Arrested & Grout, 224 characters)