“Misery is hearing your chicklet tooting her whistle, all hours of the day,” grumbled Sparra. “I was patient, but in the end, I gave her one last chance to stop playing with it inside the nest. She blew it.”

(#BraveWrite, Prompt: Misery, 206 characters)


As the government began burning the bodies, they promised we wouldn’t lose a quarter of Earths population, like last time. They cannot repeat the mistakes they made in 2020.

(#BraveWrite, Prompt: Body, 174 characters)


“It’s rare to see a 300-year-old spirit exercising so energetically,” remarked Sparra.

“A girl’s gotta start somewhere,” replied Crow. “I’m on lunges next.”

“That’s a big step,” replied Sparra.

(#BraveWrite & #MicroPrompt, Prompts: Rare & Girl, 195 characters)


Deathly Earnings

She unrolled the ransom note. “£300,000 or we sacrifice your husband to Ix Chel.”

She patted the deathly creature on the head and gave it a pig’s ear. She’d earned it, she thought, as she fed the note into the paper shredder.

(#VSS365 & #BraveWrite, Prompts: #Earn #Deathly, 224 characters)