“So our first songs a remake of Butterly by Crazytown,” said Sparra.

“Lord, that’s a 90’s throwback,” laughed Crow. “What’s your band called?”

“Blanket,” replied Sparra. “We’re a cover band.”

VSS365 Prompt: Butterfly



“Sorry, I keep asking you to repeat yourself,” said Crow. “My ears are playing up again.”

“Say no more,” replied Sparra. “Have you seen an audiologist?”

“Two years ago, she said I have a disease that makes birds deaf,” sighed Crow. “I haven’t heard from her since.”

VSS365 Prompt: Disease


“I’m not telepathic,” sighed Magpie. “But I’m sure I can read my neighbour’s lips… Well, beak, from here.”

“What’s he saying?” asked Crow.

“He’s complaining about a creepy bird that keeps starring at him,” replied Magpie.

#VSS365 Prompt: Telepathy


“You don’t believe it’s bad luck to open an umbrella indoors, do you?” laughed Graham.

Anna jumped back and watched in terror, as thousands of spiders who’d made the brolly their home, descended upon Graham.

#VSS365 Prompt: Jump


The lizardfolk of London’s sewers are rumoured to experience a moment of euphoria when their regeneration brings them back to life.

That usually turns to horror when they awake surrounded by human organ harvesters.

VSS365 Prompt: Euphoria