The stork arrived, once again, with an empty beak. She sunk to knees and sobbed, as it beat its wings and flew away. At the age of 49, she knew she didn’t have many visits left.

(#VSS365, Prompt; Stork, 178 characters)


“That’d be Ethel,” said Gina. “The lady next door. A short lady with jet-black hair. Widowed 33-years ago. I can hear her singing all the time.”

“It’s not singing,” called a voice through the wall. “She’s not a widow, either.”

(#VSS365, Prompt; Short, 225 characters)


Deathly Earnings

She unrolled the ransom note. “£300,000 or we sacrifice your husband to Ix Chel.”

She patted the deathly creature on the head and gave it a pig’s ear. She’d earned it, she thought, as she fed the note into the paper shredder.

(#VSS365 & #BraveWrite, Prompts: #Earn #Deathly, 224 characters)


“Oh, come on, they’re cannibals,” said Jim. “If they want us to join in their game, we should get into the spirit of it.”

“Fine,” grumbled Alyx. “What are we playing?”

“Swallow the leader,” replied Jim.

(#VSS365, Prompt: Spirit, 200 characters)